43 Practise the Patterns

The biggest improvement in your UKCAT score is going to be from high levels of Abstract Reasoning practice. Familiarity is the important buzzword here. One can boost confidence and correct responses to Verbal Reasoning, Quantitative Reasoning and Decision Analysis, but by practising more and more with Abstract Reasoning questions will undoubtedly improve your ability to recognise patterns more effectively and quickly.

The reasons for this are two-fold:

1. Recognising pre-recognised patterns

Having gone through hundreds of patterns which make up the rules, you are primed to recognise more patterns. This will give you the edge on your peers who may not see the patterns quicker than you. And where time is very important, finding patterns quicker gives you more time to find other more complex rules and also builds momentum.

2. Shape-specific pattern recognition

With practice, you begin to become an expert in Abstract Reasoning. When you see a square, you know what types of rules to look for. Squares of four sided, equal sided, straight-sided, have right-angles, have many planes of symmetry, etc. When you see arrows, you know that direction or where the arrows are pointing could be major factor in the rule making. And thus your ability to recognise what and where to look for patterns becomes very efficient and a powerful skill.

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