51 Moving on from UKCAT Results

Except for those taking the UKCAT test in the first few weeks of the summer, you will receive your score as soon as complete your test. Early birds will have to wait so that Pearson Vue can check that the tests don’t raise any teething problems.

Once you have your score think forward and positive. Regardless of whatever score, it does not mean that you’ve secured a place at medical school – the UKCAT is only part of the process. For some medical schools it is a very small part of their admission process, but for other schools it is an all-or-nothing matter.

Many of our students make the crucial mistake of not acting intelligently with the next step. Even if you have a low UKCAT score does not mean that it is all over. We have known of students with 550 UKCAT average scores that obtained places. They were just smart enough to put their best foot forward and apply to schools that wanted what they had. Don’t make foolish mistakes of applying to schools that require high UKCAT scores when you have a low score – you will regret it later. It is not worth the gamble. Schools do differ but all award you with the same medical degree!

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