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Organisation Location Type of Healthcare Duration Contact details
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Organisation Location Type of Healthcare Duration Contact details
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Obtaining Work Experience for Medicine

So, how do you obtain work experience? 

The first port of call should be your academic institution (i.e. your school or university) or careers service. One would hope that there is someone experienced in matters to do with vocational careers such as medicine. Essentially, put yourself out there to them. Show your levels of commitment and expect to maintain them throughout your relationship. This is important as they may collate your school/university references, but also so that you can get the best help from them.

As their experience will serve them well in such matters, they will be able to give you the best advice for your own personal needs as well as contacts within hospitals and other healthcare institutions. 

Going it on your own

Getting help from the middle-men is excellent and can be all that you think you need, but this is an excellent opportunity to show initiative at potential medical school interviews. Ask around friends and family members who may be able to help. Be sure to show your enthusiasm so that others can tell helping you out would be worth the effort.

Also, get yourself into hospitals and ask around. Some hospitals will have short one-week programmes set up for this very demand. You may be lucky to get a unique insight in a specific ward helping patients who've developed ovarian cancer or within a mental health facility.

Not just the hospitals

The NHS is large organisation, so seek to find experience from all areas where healthcare meets the needs of the public. Although, hospital medicine is glorified, having experience of more frontline, primary care services such as your local GP or a local drop-in needle clinic would provide excellent variety to your personal accounts of the NHS. In addition, finding out about the NHS in its many forms will supply you with the breath of understanding of healthcare provisions provided by the NHS - something a lot of prospective students do not appreciate. It is absolutely vital that at the very least you begin to understand the reach of the NHS. So it's not just the hospitals where work experience can be arranged, but in other parts (no less important parts) of the NHS too.