Our Privacy Policy

In this document, we plan to cut through the jargon so it is very simple for you to understand and appreciate how we deal with your privacy.

Why do you want to know my name and e-mail address?

We ask for a name so that we can greet you on our Dashboard every time you log in; this can be seen as a username signature. However, we require a valid e-mail address to create a unique account, and thereby differentiate you from other Medify accounts in our system.

Where is my financial information stored?

We do not ask for financial information and therefore do not store such sensitive material. We process all our orders via the internationally recognised PayPal. We do not wish to store any sensitive material unless it is absolutely necessary to the functioning of the application. As we have no requirement of financial details from you post-payment, we do not store personal details required for payment in our database.

What other information do you keep track of about me?

During the course of your UKCAT practice, we aggregate data anonymously to analyse our question bank. This analysis will involve time taken on each question, percentage of correct answers and incorrect responses from all users, etc.. We stress that identification of where information is sourced from is not feasible with our system. Your anonymity is a priority.

Do you share my information with other companies?

We have no intention presently nor in the future to share or sell any information with other companies. Your e-mail address and account will be deleted at the end of each application cycle.

Who do I talk to if I have a question about my privacy concerns?

If you have any concerns with our policy, then please do not hesitate to contact us by e-mail.