UKCAT 2016 Online Course

Improve your chances – prepare for the UKCAT with our popular online course.
Although the UKCAT is an aptitude test, not preparing risks underachieving!

  • Study the 14 kinds of questions found in the UKCAT's 5 sections
  • Train with over 2500 questions, each with accompanying explanations
  • Investigate how you're performing over time, overall and on different kinds of questions
  • Develop your speed: practise with or without cutoff times, and see data on how you're changing
  • Test your readiness with time-limited mock exams

Each year thousands of applicants learn what's involved and practise for their test with us.
There's no syllabus to memorise, but preparing thoroughly reduces test anxiety and makes you faster, major factors of UKCAT performance.

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Question Bank

Don't fall into the trap of practising the same questions over and over. A big part of the UKCAT is how fast you can process new information. Why memorise questions that won't be in your UKCAT? Our question bank is large and varied enough to help you avoid this problem.

We provide at least this many questions:

800+ VR 370+ QR 800+ AR 250+ DA 300+ SJT
Questions are grouped into question sets as in the UKCAT, and are split between the practice and mock test systems.

Quality is controlled by our staff, helped by user feedback. It's easy to send comments when something about a question or its explanation isn't quite right.

Understand the question types

We've broken down the 5 UKCAT sections into 14 kinds of question. Learn about one, then start practising it. No need to struggle through pages and pages of advice before starting something practical.

Simulate the testing environment UKCATSEN supported

Our testing environment closely follows the UKCAT, letting you feel how the real test will be. We provide you with three full-length UKCAT mocks, ranging in difficulty from easy to hard, so you can pace your preparation too.

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Improve your speed and accuracy

Practise on your terms: pick and mix questions until you're ready to see your results.

Performance feedback

We provide data on how you're doing: which questions you're getting right and wrong, how long you're spending on them, and how much you're practising.

Increase your speed UKCATSEN supported

Practise bite-sized sets of questions with time-limits modelled on the UKCAT sections. See how many you can answer before the time runs out.

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