Transitioning from Medical School Applicant to Medical Student: What, Why, When, Where

Last updated: 20/9/2020

Congratulations on your acceptance to a medical school! Applying to medicine alone is an arduous journey, receiving an offer is an exceptional feat and there is every reason to be proud of what you have accomplished. Of course, this is only the first step to a successful medical career and you have many more adventures to look forward to. Here, we help you on your next step.

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What is This? 

This series of articles are intended to make your transition from applicant to student as seamless as possible by offering insight and guidance on every aspect of the process. This covers decisions that need to be made over the summer holidays, general preparation for starting a medical degree, and things you should be aware of before starting a degree in medicine. 

It will also include an in-depth look at your options for if you’re not fortunate enough to receive/meet your offer this time round. 

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Why Should I Pay Attention? 

Regardless of whatever grades you may have received in the past, potential hiccups in the application process or how you may see yourself, it is reasonable to assume that holding an offer to study medicine reflects some level of resilience and ableness. 

As a result, it is also easy to assume that you would have the ability to handle the transition from medical school applicant to medical student both smoothly, and with minimal guidance. 

On the other hand, starting medical school can be daunting and getting through all 5-6 years alone is going to be near impossible. It’s true that ‘it doesn’t get any easier’, but accepting some help along the way will make it so it isn’t any harder than it has to be. 

When Should I Start Preparing? 

While this series is aimed at students about to begin their medical school journeys, it’s never too early to start taking your future into consideration. The more you know, the better the position you will be in when it’s your turn to go through the same thing. 

At the very least, you’ll gain further insight into the life you are working towards and this might motivate you to keep going. Most importantly, you’ll be aware of the decisions you may be faced with one day, and will be best prepared to deal with them. 

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Where in the World Does This Apply To?  

Most of the information covered will be largely relevant to UK-based medical schools but because some articles will be approaching medicine as a general discipline, resources may be applicable to medical students outside the UK as well. We will also be looking into applying to medical schools in specific regions outside of the UK as a potential alternative.

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