Get an Afternoon UKCAT Slot

What time of day should you take the UKCAT test? It depends on whether you’re a morning person or not. If you are, then by all means choose a time in the morning when you know that you will be wide awake and ready to take a long exam. However, many young adults should consider booking an afternoon test slot. Book early so that you get the time you want, avoiding the need to travel and arrive early in the day, before you’re really awake. An afternoon slot will allow you to wake up and get into the swing of things before sitting the long exam.

Advice varies on whether it’s best to relax, take some exercise or look over test materials again before the exam. We assume by now that you’ve taken enough exams to know what does and doesn’t work for you, and will leave it to you to decide what’s best for you.

If you do decide to practice before the exam, keep it light: go over your mnemonics, and try a few percentage questions or whichever kind of question you’ve been practising, to allay any lingering anxieties. We advise against taking any full-length mock exams on the day of your real test, as you’ll still be tired from that when you come to sit the actual UKCAT.

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