What does your UKCAT Score Mean?

UKCAT scores fall between 300 (minimum) and 900 (maximum).

Your score depends on two factors:

  1. The answers you give
  2. The ‘raw’ score agreed by UKCAT testers

While point 1 is straightforward enough, point 2 involves some explanation.

Each year, new UKCAT questions are created by experts in assessment. These questions are tested for validity and reliability and to remove any bias (for example, a question that is based on a particular ethnic group).

When the questions are agreed, the planned UKCAT is taken by a group of Pearson VUE professionals. Their scores are aggregated in a way that pinpoints where the average (modal and mean) score is 600. This is then used as the standard against which your answers are measured. Because this varies each year, any mock exam you do will only ever suggest what your UKCAT score will be.

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