Recognise qualifiers

Qualifiers are words that modify or reinforce descriptive words and sentences.
Look out for these types of words in your Verbal Reasoning questions, they can be important clues.

Make sure you know the meaning of each of the following qualifiers. Some of these are more accurate, whereas others can be quite vague. Questions may contain these exact words, or other words or phrases with the same meaning to have that effect.

  • only
  • must
  • often
  • not
  • never
  • all
  • none
  • always
  • each time
  • every time
  • all of the time
  • seldom
  • sometimes
  • no matter what
  • in any case
  • exclusively
  • solely
  • barely
  • scarcely
  • hardly
  • should
  • need to
  • obliged to
  • required to
  • none of

You can practise by reading broadsheet newspapers (such as The Guardian and The Times), industry news, and magazine format news such as The Economist. The BBC News website and Magazine hold a wealth of free online content. We post links to relevant medical stories on Facebook, Google+ and Twitter, which you may like to follow.