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In the test room

The test is two hours long, so make sure you use the toilet before you start. You can go during the test, but the timer won’t be paused.

Test environment

Here’s a typical UKCAT test environment:

It may be familiar if you’ve taken a UK driving theory exam, which can occur in the same test centres.

There’s no audio element to the test, but the headphones can block out any noise that might disrupt your concentration.

You may be given earplugs as an alternative option to the headphones.

You’ll have a basic onscreen calculator for the Quantitative Reasoning and Decision Analysis tests.

You’ll also be given a laminated booklet and permanent marker pen to make notes on (check the pen works before you start the test!).

Consider using it for:

Quantitative Reasoning – Noting down numbers

Abstract Reasoning – Writing down mnemonics

Decision Making – Noting calculations and drawing diagrams.

When to rest during the test

There’ll be one-minute introductions between each sub-test. You can skip these, but we recommend using this time to mentally refresh yourself.

Remember that no food or drink is allowed in the test room, see test day preparation.