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Introducing Decision Making

Starting from 2016, the Decision Analysis section has been replaced with the “Decision making” sub-test. This expands the previous subtest and tests your ability to interpret all kinds of data to come to a logic-based conclusion.

In some cases, this involves reading a scenario and picking the strongest argument or providing the most reasonable solution. In other, more abstract, cases, you will be given shapes and hypothetical events and asked to use mathematical reasoning to figure out the answer.

You are given a bit more time per question in this subtest, so make sure you utilize the extra time to think through the situation. Avoid wasting time working through the entire scenario, however, and focus on what the question asks you to find.

Currently, this section is simply a pilot and marks will not be released for this year. As such, you will not be given a score and your universities will not know how you did in this section. Keep that in mind as you are answering this section.