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Recognising the truth of UKCAT Verbal Reasoning statements

The essence of the verbal reasoning section is to test whether you can, in an unbiased way, answer a question using just the information present in the text provided.

True statements

True statements either are extracted from the text or directly follow from it. Think about whether the statement matches the tone, style and general message of the tex
If it doesn’t look out of place, and follows the text’s logical flow, it’s likely to be a “true” statement.

False statements

These are the polar opposites of the true statements and contradict the passage. As such, they are likely to support a directly opposite message and would not fit into the text.

Can’t tell

Does the statement refer to something not mentioned in the text?
Would you say you need more information in order to answer the question?

If it doesn’t fit to “false” criteria, but something makes you doubt it’s true, it’s likely to be a “cannot tell” statement.