Free UKCAT guide

  1. After the test
  2. How to appeal against the result of an investigation
  3. What to do if you experience problems during a test
  4. What does your UKCAT score mean?
  5. In the test room
  6. Test-day Preparation
  7. Prepare your mind
  8. Train your body and mind for peak UKCAT performance
  9. Visualise and mentally rehearse
  10. Introducing Decision Making
  11. First-order and second-order rules in Abstract Reasoning
  12. Learn mnemonics
  13. Understand pattern recognition
  14. Boost your maths
  15. Recognise qualifiers
  16. Why reading comprehension is important for medicine
  17. Recognising the truth of UKCAT Verbal Reasoning statements
  18. Results are relative
  19. All questions are weighted equally
  20. You CAN revise for the UKCAT
  21. Get an afternoon UKCAT slot
  22. Apply for a bursary as soon as possible
  23. General information
  24. What is the UKCAT?