Freelance UCAT SJT Writers – Medical and Dental Students (3rd Year+)

Medify is recruiting creative and enthusiastic medical and dental students in at least their 3rd year to write UCAT SJT questions on a flexible freelance basis.

The Role

In this role, you will:

  • Write scenarios for the Situational Judgement (SJT) section of the University Clinical Aptitude Test (UCAT) based on professional and ethical issues.  
  • Write questions and full explanations to accompany each original scenario.

Please note that UCAT SJT does not test for knowledge of medical diagnosis or treatment but focuses solely on how best to respond to ethical and professional dilemmas. 

Pay, Hours and Location

  • This role will be paid at £20 per hour. 
  • Once trained, initial weekly assignments will be small but may increase with further experience according to availability.
  • This is a fully remote position for which you will need a computer and internet access.
  • If you are successful in your application but would like to defer the start of your contract, this can be accommodated.


  • Current medical or dental student in at least your 3rd year.
  • UCAT score of Band 1 in SJT.
  • Experience on at least one placement as part of your medical or dental studies. 
  • Creativity to write scenarios that draw on your own experiences as a medical or dental student.
  • Enthusiasm for helping future medical students on their educational journeys.  
  • Ability to explain answer logic clearly and systematically. 
  • Competent writing and editing skills.

How to Apply

  • Please apply online by filling out and submitting this Form.
  • As part of the application, we ask that you submit a short piece of original writing (100-150 words) reflecting on a challenge or experience you have encountered while on placement. This sample will only be used for recruitment purposes; Medify will not publish your writing or use it as part of our paid services.
  • Successful applicants will be trained to write test content to our specification, and commissioned for their first assignment. If they choose to defer their start, this training will take place at a future time. 

About Medify

At Medify, we’ve been widening access to medical and dental schools since 2009 by providing high quality test content and practice tools at an affordable price. We are the number 1 choice worldwide for UCAT test prep, and we are committed to giving prospective medical and dental students the best possible support. Medify provides test prep products for a range of examinations and university admissions tests so there are many further opportunities available for enthusiastic and diligent applicants who produce high quality content.