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Get an expert review of your Personal Statement content.

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    Joint feedback by 2 reviewers
    Making double-sure that your statement content is well scrutinised before reaching your chosen schools
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    Structured feedback and scoring
    Our experts score and give feedback against 8 categories used by real medical and dental schools
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    Quick feedback helps you find time to make improvements before the deadline

Personal Statement Feedback

You will get a detailed written report with personalised guidance on how you can improve your personal statement to demonstrate to admissions tutors that you are the best candidate. Our expert tutors will analyse your PS across 8 categories, score you on each one and give you personalised feedback so that you can improve them.

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“Fast Professional Feedback...100% Recommend.”

“Medify gave a quick response within the stated time frame...Feedback was given on multiple ideas and sections such as teamwork, motivation, extracurricular etc. Would recommend to use this tool if seeking professional feedback.”

Structured Analysis of 8 Categories

Our panel of expert tutors will scrutinise your personal statement across 8 individual categories – and score you on each of these in addition to helpful feedback commentary.

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“Amazing Analysis of my Personal Statement.”

“...If it wasn’t for Medify I wouldn’t have realised my personal statement had a lot of areas to work on. They analysed each section...gave a score for things like teamwork, level of English etc. I would highly recommend you get the Medify team to review your statement...super helpful...the best service out there and a reasonable price. Thank you Medify!”

We match your personal statement to our tutors

We try and match your Personal Statement closely to the specialist tutors who will have most experience in the schools you are applying for, with similar backgrounds to your own Personal Statements. That way, you will get true detailed insight from people who have succeeded with your background.

Suitable for dental applicants too!

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“Application Asset”

“The service will be an absolute asset to your medicine application, at first I was reluctant. However, after receiving such in depth analysis of my statement I was overwhelmed! I would definitely recommend!”

Two Expert Reviewers

They say two heads are better than one. Did we mention that there will be two reviewers assigned per Personal Statement? Yes, that’s right – two experienced reviewers will be looking at your PS and giving you detailed feedback as well as their averaged marks. In some cases your PS will receive greater scrutiny from the Medify Panel than real medical and dental schools.

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“Medify is Excellent!”

“...The personal statement review service has a quick turnaround...the absolutely outstanding!...I cannot fault Medify’s services...whole-heartedly recommend them.”

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