Tired of reading?

Our online UCAT course now includes 47 hours of bite-sized videos, covering all our UCAT tutorials and Mock Exam questions.

That's a lot of videos. You don't have to watch them all, but they're there when you need them.

180+ in-depth animated tutorial videos for Medify’s UCAT Course

3,100+ step-by-step video solutions for all of Medify’s mini-mock and mock exams

Cement key concepts, especially as a visual learner

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Detailed UCAT video tutorials

11 hours of detailed curriculum-focused tutorials. Work through practical UCAT strategies and techniques, section by section. Learn effective time-saving techniques ahead of the exam.

We have videos for

44 Decision making video tutorials

32 Verbal reasoning video tutorials

47 Quantitative reasoning video tutorials

17 Abstract reasoning video tutorials

41 Situational judgement video tutorials

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Step-by-step UCAT mock video solutions

36 hours of mock explainer videos provide detailed explanations for answers in our UCAT replica mocks, to make sure you’re equipped to find your optimum UCAT exam strategy.

Here’s why you will love them:

Over 3,100+ detailed mock questions video solutions

Demonstrating time-saving techniques and common errors encountered by students

Simple yet effective whiteboard-style format

Showing how to reach the right answer, one step at a time

Maximise your UCAT score by mastering each type of question

Clear, direct voiceovers with step-by-step explanations

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Built for Visual Learners

Well crafted videos are a strong alternative to learning by reading.

Whether you prefer text or voice, they give you another option: you might want a change-of-pace after hours of study, or perhaps a particular problem is easier to pick up by watching someone solve it.

Bite-sized short videos, keeping you focussed

Expert advice on test structure and tackling tricky areas

Easily understandable video explanations and model answers at the end of each UCAT Mock Exam

Why now?

Medify UCAT has helped UCAT students since 2009, but we are exploring new and better ways to deliver that help, and for you to digest the course.

If you're a visual learner, we hope this will help with your test preparation, and we look forward to your feedback!

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