Terms and Conditions

Keeping You In The Know About Where Your Information Won't Go

What other information do you keep about me?

We appreciate the competitiveness of medical school admission, and value your anonymity within our system.

In accordance with the Data Protection Act, we only store information pertinent to the admissions services we provide you with.

Our UCAT system collects data about user responses to help us analyse our questions and provide you with feedback relative to your peers.

Examples of collected data include the time taken to answer a question, whether the question was answered correctly, and the time and date of the attempt.

Your question response data is retained so that you can use it to reflect on your performance. We do not present your data to other people, be they Medify users or third parties.

Your data is used, along with everyone else’s, to produce aggregates such as what % of all users got a particular question right and the average time taken to answer it. You are not personally identified within these statistics.