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    2020/2021 COVID Update
    Updated and revised for online interviews and COVID-19 questions
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    10+ Insider Interview Techniques
    Know precisely what interviewers are looking for
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    Detailed 80,000 word Interview Guide
    Read yourself ready for any topic of discussion
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    100+ Must-Know Terms
    Get comfortable with the in-house jargon and how to use it
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    7 Model Answer Frameworks
    Construct great answers in the way that suits you best
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Medical school interview prep done right

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Interviews - Module 1 Introduction

Module 1

Begin your prep with insider advice and Qs & As from a medical school interviewer.

Interviews - Module 2 Before the Interview

Module 2
Before the Interview

Know all there is about the types of interviews, types of questions asked, mark schemes and what to take to your interview.

Interviews - Module 3 Giving Great Answers

Module 3
Giving Great Answers

Perfect your possible answers with our tried-and-tested strategies and frameworks. Know how to answer any question.

Interviews - Module 4 During the Interview

Module 4
During the Interview

Tackle those nerves by knowing how to make a great impression, the psychology of body language and how to use it.

Interviews - Module 5 After the Interview

Module 5
After the Interview

Apply strategies to cope with the wait for those all-important offers, a possible second interview and what to do if no offers come your way.

Interviews - Module 6 MMI Stations

Module 6
MMI Stations

Learn about the various scenarios and how to handle them, such as the roleplay station, the data analysis station and the group tasks station with MMI sample questions.

Interviews - Module 7 Special Cases

Module 7
Special Cases

Advice for those entering medicine via different routes such as Oxbridge applicants, international applicants and graduate applicants.

Interviews - Medical Knowledge Bank

Medical Knowledge Bank

40k+ words on all the most important topics to inform your answers such as medical ethics & laws, the NHS and contemporary healthcare issues.

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    What do medical school interviewers ask?
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    How do I need to prepare for my medical school interviews?
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    Why is it important to show the ability to reflect?
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    Where do these reflections fit into my answers?
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    How do I stand out among my peers during my medical school interviews?
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    What else do I need to know about my interviews?
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2020/2021: Fully updated for online medical school interviews and COVID-19 questions

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