Medical school interview preparation done right.

An all-new course with videos of real students giving authentic answers, as well as a guide to finding your own voice.

Full Video Suite

Learn how to excel, with in-depth video explanations and guidance on structure, body language, MMIs and more.

Interview Question Bank

150 common questions with model answers designed to improve your performance and help you find your own style.

By Medics for Medics

Content created by medics and medical students who understand the pressure and the challenges of the interview process.

Authentic Answers

Video responses are not 'airbrushed'. You see real-world answers with pros and cons critiqued by admissions experts.

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6 step-by-step video modules.
Expert guidance on consolidating and structuring your ideas.

From 'Why medicine?' to 'Why are you well suited to this course?', learn to structure your responses better to avoid underselling yourself.

Module 1

Module 2
Interview Fundamentals

Module 3
Giving Great Answers

Module 4
Essential Questions

Module 5
Just Before and On the Day

Module 6
Multiple Mini-Interviews

Why choose Medify's interview preparation course?

Medify is one of the most trusted names in medical admissions. We use the power of technology to offer a quality of education once only accessible to the elite.

Formerly, only students at the best schools would get personalised interview training from specialists, and it was hard to compete if you didn't have this opportunity.

Now all medical students can watch experts giving feedback on genuine answers, getting exposure to a variety of responses not even even possible with the most expensive personal tutoring.

This is how we intend to level the playing field.

Why choose video e-learning?

What else is included?

150 questions scored according to how often they occur and the knowledge level required

Multiple different answers for the same question, so you can find your style

In-depth advice from actual medical students on how to impress the admissions team

Extensive coverage of the top 8 medical interview topics: academic skills and interests, work experience, volunteering, personal traits, knowledge of medical school, knowledge of medical profession, the NHS and ethics

Unparalleled guidance on how to draw on your unique experience and background (your most valuable asset)

Succeed in your Medical School interview

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