School Group Discounts and Bursaries

Here is a summary of our school-related Discounts and Bursaries

1. School Group Discounts

For information about purchasing Medify UCAT (formerly UKCAT) access for your students please email If you are a student and would like to get the school’s discount code – then ask your careers adviser in school to email us to see if they are eligible.

2. School Nominated Bursary

If you wish to apply for this bursary, please ask your Teacher, Headmaster or Careers Adviser to email Medify with reasons why you should be awarded the bursary. This must be via an official school email address to

The reasons why you should be awarded the bursary may include the following:

  • Academic achievements, scholarships or awards
  • Financial difficulties
  • Extracurricular achievements (eg. leadership, public speaking)
  • Any other awards/achievements (eg. Science Olympiads, Music awards)

Please ask your teacher to send the email to with the subject title “School nominated bursary”


  • Only one student per school is eligible to obtain this Bursary
  • Generic letters of support addressed as “To whom it may concern” will not be considered.
  • This discount cannot be obtained retrospectively (i.e. after the student has enrolled and paid).