Create a clean and compelling personal statement fast

In-depth tutorials, an extensive personal statement library, and guidance from admissions experts to help you to create a ready-to-submit personal statement.

Learn to frame your experiences

Guidance on how to show you’re suitable for medicine or dentistry.

Produce your first draft in one day

Step-by-step instructions to accelerate your first draft.

Access over 100 personal statement examples

Lost for words? Our PS Library will help you find your voice.

Complete your personal statement in three days

20 tasks and activities make the process fast and simple.

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PS Library: explore personal statement examples

View a wide variety of personal statements, so you can understand what is expected for medicine and dentistry.

  • Filter by categories such as medical school and pathway
  • Discover which universities interviewed each candidate
  • Every example is scored using official marking criteria

Learn from others

Get it right first time

See how to reflect

Find your voice

Improve structure

Show empathy

Learn from others

Get it right first time

Improve reflection

Find your words

Build structure

Show empathy

Who is Medify's Personal Statement Course for?

Medicine applicants

Dentistry applicants

School leavers

Graduate entry applicants

Mature students

Post gap year

“I’ve been impressed with the tips and structuring, helping me to break down each step of the process.”

Dentistry Applicants

Oxford and Cambridge

Graduate Entry Medicine/Dentistry

Mature Applicants

Post Gap Year

School Leavers

“I’ve been impressed with the tips and structuring, helping me to break down each step of the process.”

Personal Statement Course outline

Lesson 1

The Personal Statement

You'll become familiar with all elements of the personal statement: its purpose, form, and content. We'll share the attributes and qualities that admissions tutors are looking for, and how they use personal statements in the admissions process.

Lesson 2

Reflection and Planning

Find out what kind of work experience should be included and how to reflect on it appropriately. We'll help you to plan the body of your statement, from selecting the best experiences for reflection, to taking you through argument structure.

Lesson 3


We'll guide you through the process of turning your notes and paragraph outlines into well-structured, concise, and relevant paragraphs. This lesson will provide you with valuable tools for both writing and thinking reflectively.

Lesson 4

Introductions and Conclusions

Discover how best to answer the question 'Why medicine/dentistry?' and how to incorporate this into your personal statement. We'll go through strong and weak examples, and provide clear guidance on what you should and shouldn't include.

Lesson 5

Academic Achievements

In this lesson, you'll learn about when and how to mention your academic work in your personal statement. You'll get to look through examples of where this has been done successfully, as well as less successfully.

Lesson 6


With our guidance, you'll refine your personal statement's structure and language, and thoroughly check your spelling, punctuation and grammar. By the end of this lesson, you should have a polished draft of your personal statement!

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