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Work through each section with helpful advice from admissions tutors, doctors and current medical students. Use guided reflection to get the best from your experiences. Draft your personal statement in style.

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Our step-by-step process

Why Medicine

A good introduction sets the scene for your Personal Statement. We guide you through this with our four-step reflective process.

Work experience

Don't simply list your work experience. You're expected to have thought through what being a doctor means day-to-day. Demonstrate insight into what clinical practice is, and how you are well suited for this.

Voluntary work

Empathy is key to long-term good clinical practice. Explain how your experiences and voluntary work have helped you appreciate empathy's true value.

Extra-curricular activities

Medicine is a long but rewarding career. Balancing stressful work with stress-relieving activities in your free time is key. Here we'll develop many of your extra-curricular activities into your Personal Statement; some may be activities that you haven't considered valuable!

Academic activities

Here you can develop points about your academic activities, for example, Extended Projects, or if you are graduate applicants more about your research and/or publications.


A clear and succinct conclusion summarises your Personal Statement without adding new information. It's the last impression the Admission tutors will have of you, so it's good to reflect on how to end this persuasively with a strong finish.

After reflecting, comes drafting

At any time, you can start your Draft. We give you access to five Draft copies which you can use to share your drafts with friends, family and teachers. We've also added an option to print out a copy.

Personal Statement Review

We are not currently taking new submissions for PS review.


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