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Skills Training - Will UCAT Skills Trainers improve my UCAT score?

UCAT Skills Trainers are useful tools in your toolkit for preparing for the UCAT, based on proven educational pedagogy which dictates that training related microskills can result in a dramatic improvement in the overall skill itself. The Skills Trainers will help train microskills fundamental to answering questions accurately and rapidly in the real test.

If you attempted to do real UCAT VR questions without this training, it’s just like trying to reverse park on a hill between two cars under pressure as other drivers wait behind you. By doing the appropriate training beforehand, such as practising reversing in an empty car park, you will train microskills close to the experience of the real thing.

However, in addition to time spent on the Skills Trainers, we recommend that you aim to do actual UCAT practice questions and mock simulations as well to make sure your practice is well-rounded and you don’t leave the real thing too late.