UCAT Scores 2021: Test Statistics and Analysis



UCAT 2021 final test statistics are now available. Find out where you rank among other candidates.

Where can I see my UCAT scores?

Once you sit your UCAT exam, Pearson VUE will send you an email confirming that your scores are ready to be viewed. 

Simply log into your Pearson VUE account to view your score report.

UCAT 2021 candidate score report sample

Making sense of your UCAT scores

On your report, each cognitive section of the UCAT will have a scaled score between 300-900. These are derived from your raw marks (the number of correct answers for each section).

The higher the performance, the greater the score. The scaled scores of the first four sections (VR, DM, QR and AR) are summed to give a total cognitive section score between 1200-3600.

The Situational Judgement Test (SJT) section is scored separately (Bands 1-4), with the highest scorers in Band 1 and lowest in Band 4.

Final scores for UCAT 2021

The mean total scaled score (VR + DM + QR + AR) of 37,230 test-takers was 2499.

This represents a 3% decrease compared to the 2021 interim score, and a small (0.5%) decrease compared to the 2020 final score.

By using the table below, you can work out which decile you belong to. For example, if you scored 2750, you’ll be in the 8th decile, and the top 20% of your cohort.


Total Cognitive Scaled Score

1st Decile


2nd Decile


3rd Decile


4th Decile


5th Decile


6th Decile


7th Decile


8th Decile


9th Decile


To check your exact percentile, head over to the official UCAT test statistics page and scroll down to the 'Percentile Look Up (2021 Test Cycle)'. This will allow you to see where your final scores sit compared to the rest of the UCAT candidates in 2021.

Section scores

The 2021 mean score for the VR, QR and AR sections remained almost identical to the 2020 scores. There was a 15 point decrease in the average DM section score, indicating that candidates found this section more challenging compared to last year.

Cognitive Subtest



Verbal Reasoning



Decision Making



Quantitative Reasoning



Abstract Reasoning



Situational Judgement Test Scores

The proportion of students in Band 4 jumped from 9% in 2020 to 16% in 2021. If you have a Band 4 SJT score, consider applying to universities that don’t automatically reject Band 4 SJT applicants.

SJT Band



Band 1



Band 2



Band 3



Band 4



How is my UCAT score used?

Each university uses the UCAT in different ways. For example:

  • Some courses use the UCAT only for interview selection, while others also use it for final selection.
  • Some courses have strict minimum cut-off scores that vary from year to year, while others consider all UCAT scores.
  • Some courses don't consider the SJT, while others have a minimum SJT band requirement or include it as part of the interview score.
Learn about UCAT requirements at different universities to tailor your application.

How to study medicine or dentistry with a low UCAT score

Thinking about your Plan B (if things didn't go as planned)?

The important thing is to stay relaxed, as there are always other options!

Here's some ideas if you need to change your strategy to get into medicine or dentistry.

1. Not All Direct Entry Medical Programmes Require the UCAT

Consider applying to the universities below which do not require the UCAT.

Two universities do not require any external admissions test:

  • University of Buckingham
  • University of Central Lancashire

2. Eight medical schools use the BMAT instead of the UCAT:

Get detailed information about BMAT university requirements.

  • University of Cambridge
  • University of Oxford Medical School
  • Imperial College London
  • University College London
  • Leeds’ School of Medicine
  • Brighton & Sussex Medical School
  • Lancaster University
  • Keele University*

* International applicants only, home applicants are required to sit the UCAT

3. Study Medicine Overseas

Studying medicine overseas is an option if you do not receive any offers from UK medical schools. This includes not meeting your A-level requirements, as well as having a low UCAT score.

Further information:

4. Take A Gap Year

You can sit the UCAT again while taking a gap year. This also represents a fantastic opportunity to develop maturity and broaden your horizons.

During your gap year, it is crucial that you reflect on why you did not achieve the UCAT score that you had wanted this year. Was it due to lack of preparation? Poor timing? Concentration issues? Identify your weaknesses and take time to address them fully before the next year’s UCAT.

Read our article on having a successful gap year before medicine.

5. Go for Graduate Entry Medicine

If you wish to study another subject of interest while leaving the door open for medicine, consider the graduate entry route. This involves re-applying for a 4-year graduate medical programme after completing another degree.

While this takes longer than the direct entry route, it gives you an opportunity to explore other interests and to develop maturity before embarking on a demanding medical career.

Read more about the alternative pathways in our Admissions Guide.

If you're ready to take the next step to becoming a doctor, these apps can help you on your journey:

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And remember, it's always a good idea to bookmark our medical admissions news page to stay on top of any changes!

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